I set a goal for myself to paint 26 miniatures to a point where I feel really good about showing them off to the world. If I'm going to do that I need to paint at least one every two weeks. I can do that. I've already gotten started!
New Kriv
This model comes from Reaper Miniatures and was painted for a friend. I painted the same model last year but that one has seen better days; he lost his sheld arm! Clearly this called for painting a new one. I've learned a lot in the half year since I painted the first version so I wanted to use this model to highlight the techniques. It mainly came down to patience, better drybrushing and new wash techniques. As you can see I've done more work on the details, painting his feet separately from the rest of his armor, painting the hilt of the sword and drybrushing the teeth. Though there was more work involved I think it actually took me about the same amount of time as when I first painted the model. Getting used to the techniques speeds things tremendously.

All the pictures are from my phone's camera -- I plan to have better pictures soon.
Old Kriv

I went for a general theme of royal red so the reds tend to be highlighted with gold. The shield was layered with silver then a red-gold mix and then drybrushed with gold to build up the effect. The cloak was multiple shades of red then drybrushed with the same red-gold mix to give it a shimmering effect. The armor itself is supposed to be a dark, scary armor so I mixed a little bit of silver with black for the base coat and drybrushed a dark metallic over it. I'm pretty happy with the overall effect.


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