A model in progress

Someone asked that I post some in progress pictures of models as I work on them. Great idea! Over the next couple posts I'll show my process for painting a specific model, a Reaper Mini Man at Arms. I've painted one of the soldiers in that pack and I'll try to keep this one fairly consistent with him.
Already painted one, now for his friends

The first couple steps are basically the same for all the models I paint. File off extra bits of metal from seams and paint an undercoat of black (or white if I plan to use bright colors). Some prefer spray painting but that's a bit hard in an apartment. I use a brush on primer. 

From this...

To this
It's important at each stage to not paint too thickly or you will obscure detail. I prefer adding a drop of water to my priming paint to avoid it going on too thick. A second coat to cover thin areas is better than a blob in a recess.

Once I have the mini primed, I figure out what colors I'm going to go with. For the first model I gave the shield a metal face and wooden back and gave the sword a bronze hilt. For this one I'll keep the body the same as the first but highlight the differences between the models. I'll use a brighter metallic for his shield and a wooden color for the axe's handle. To setup toward those I painted all metal areas a dark metallic color (boltgun metal works well) and the boots, leggings and handle scorched brown even though I intend to lighten them in different ways. This gives me a good base color to work from. In the next post I'll start differentiating the details of the model.


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