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Thinking of next year's GenCon

It's been more than a week since getting back from GenCon and I have to admit, I'm still thinking about it. While we all had tons of fun, how would we make it even better next year? Hotel Coordination The trip planning started when D&D Next was announced. I couldn't make it to the D&D Experience so I figured that GenCon would be the next best place to playtest. From there I had to convince Wendy ("Lets find a half-marathon near the convention and get your August half out of the way"). It was a pretty easy sell, she also really enjoys gaming. Then we got our friend Tammy interested and she did an amazing job spreading the word. At the end, we got 8.5 people to come (one person came for half the con). Unfortunately, everyone signed up at different points and we ended up spread out across three separate hotels. Meeting up meant a lot of walking. That was fine, except for the time involved! We could've been playing something during that time! Next yea

Minis, Gencon and True Dungeon

This has been a really good week for gaming. First, Reaper Mini is running a kickstarter  that's nearly complete. At the Vampire Pledge level it's over 180 minis for $100 and there are add ons like awesome dragons, orcs, fire giants, and paints for reasonable prices! So many minis to paint! I'm really excited. I'll simply have to find the time for painting them. Before this kickstarter I never would've bought a large dragon for my D&D group since most unpainted ones would cost around $70 (available in the kickstarter for $10!). This kickstarter overlapped with Gencon and started crushing stretch goals once the con started, bringing the total count up to 180 minis. Counting addons I'm going to have over 250 minis to paint, some very large ones included. Did I mention I'm excited for this kickstarter? Because I am. The second really good bit of gaming this week was GenCon . It was the first Gencon my group had been to (myself included) and we had so mu