And now for something a little more serious

Now for something a little more serious than games and minis. +Wendy Dembowski and I have signed up for the NYC Marathon this fall and are fundraising for the American Cancer Society. If you'd like to donate you can do so through and we'll match your donations.

So why are we doing this? Back in January, we ran the Disney World Half Marathon. All throughout the course, people were running with shirts saying who they ran in memory of. I cannot describe the emotions that welled up when I saw this. I had to pause of a few times so I could compose myself and breathe. At that point I decided I wanted to do that too for my dad. Fast forward a couple months and here we are, starting our running team to run the New York City Marathon in November, raising money for the American Cancer Society.

We're fundraising in his memory, and in memory and honor of our other loved ones who have been affected by cancer.  Wendy and I are fortunate enough to have already qualified for the marathon and we know and appreciate that so many of you have recently been generous at our wedding.  However if you decide to donate, we’ll match each donation before the marathon.

Late last year, my dad passed away from throat cancer. He was fighting and following the doctor’s advice but in the end the cancer won. This was actually the third bout of cancer he had. The first two were prostate cancer and throat cancer, the third being a new instance of throat cancer. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. My aunt, grandmother, and other relatives have passed away from cancer and we still have family members are currently fighting it. Cancer sucks.

Cancer is not just one thing. Different cancers require different treatments so there’s unlikely to ever be a single cure for all cancers. However, more research will help and some research applies to many cancers. That’s why we’ve decided to fundraise for the American Cancer Society. They support research for both the common and uncommon cancers.

We’re doing this because cancer doesn’t play fair. It doesn’t follow rules. It hides, it sneaks up on you, it tricks you into thinking it’s something else like a cold or indigestion or your body just being weird on you and when it’s cured it’s only probably cured. This xkcd comic sums up the experience well:

We hope you’ll help. If not through us, through someone else you know, or directly with a charity.


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