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Looking back at 2013 and ahead to 2014

Happy New Year! The time of year we use for thinking about the person we want to be and look back at what we did in the previous year. Being someone somewhat interested in tradition, I figure I'll join the pack. Last year was the first full year I had without my dad. He passed away due to cancer late October, 2012 and adjusting has been weird at times. Last January, I ran the WDW Half Marathon with Wendy, saw many runners wearing bibs in memory of loved ones and decided then that I wanted to run the NYC Marathon in his honor. I had already qualified via 9+1 in 2012 but at that point was unsure about running it. Seeing people running in memory of someone was touching and I realized I could do that for my dad. Wendy and I ran it together, raising over $5000 for the American Cancer Society  in his memory and finished in under 5 hours (4:55:22 to be exact). Wendy and I tied the knot (or as my dad would say, I became an "Honest Man" - I never quite worked out exactly how