2014 uncompleted goals and new goals!

It's still January, so it's still okay to have a New Year's Resolution post!

Last Year

Last year I set some goals, that I didn't really come back to look at.
  • Read 20 books - I think I only got though 10 or 11.
  • Track ALL the things - Towards the end of the year I started tracking activity with fitbit (thanks Walktober)! I also started tracking blood pressure over time, more on that later, but I didn't really do a good job of bringing that tracking together.
  • Write, paint, cook! - Blog posts didn't happen (in fact this is the first post since the last new year's post!). I also didn't paint many minis, though I did cook! So I've got that going for me.
  • Improve my fitness - Well, that kind of happened, then I slid backwards. Eczema flared up a lot, I twisted my ankle as we were running a marathon and I'm still seeing the effects of that, and we tried training for a spartan and I ended up hurting my shoulder in the process. Doh!
  • Eat alone at most twice per week - done! I have few lunches alone, as I'm often eating with Wendy and Chris, and occasionally with folks from different groups.
Okay, so with that stunning 50%ish rate of completion, what are my goals now?


Races! Wendy and I are planning to run the New York City Marathon as well as a half marathon per month this year! We just ran the Manhattan Half Marathon (cold!). We didn't have a time goal as we're just getting back to distance running (it was the longest we've run since the failed September Marathon). We're planning to fundraise for the American Cancer Society again -- I'll have a post about that sometime soon. We're also planning to run the Dopey Challenge next year. 48.6 miles in 4 days! Phew. 

Running this much should make us quite a bit faster -- so this year I'd like to set a personal record for the 1 mile, 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon distances. The targets: 

  • 1 mile: 6:28 / mile
  • 5k: 9:35 / mile
  • 10k: 8:44 / mile
  • Half Marathon: 10:13 / mile

Our fitness goals aren't just for running though. We're planning to do the Citi Field Spartan race. It's a 5k obstacle course run -- the obstacles are the thing, not the distance. For this, Wendy and I are seeing personal trainers. In the past when we've tried training up for this kind of thing we've ended up hurting ourselves. With trainers that shouldn't happen.

Activities & Learning

Here, I'd like to hone some skills and learn a couple new ones. This is the fun one -- I want to learn to do new things as well as get better at things I already do. We're taking some woodworking and pottery classes this spring -- that's enough for now but I may take more classes.

Painting minis is a big thing I enjoy and it's been a while since I've painted any. My goal on this is to paint six minis that I'm proud enough of to write a blog post about. That seems significantly more sustainable than one every two weeks but still a respectable number of minis.

I'd also like to cook more often. So far, this has been easy. Cooking once a week isn't that big of a deal, it just requires some amount of planning. One good thing is this supports our fitness goals which makes it easier to accomplish. Two resolutions in one!

One goal which doesn't support our fitness goals is to make 52 unique drinks through the year. This should be easy, I think I'm more than a third there. Multiple people found out that I've wanted to mix drinks for a while now and between them, they got me a shaker and a couple books on making cocktails. It's so much fun and it makes for a great party trick.

Finally, reading 20 books. This should be more than doable -- just two a month. I could have hit it last year and not realize it because I did a bad job of tracking, so I plan to write at least a small post about each book I read (I've got one planned for Tina Fey's book, Bossypants -- spoiler, it was good!)



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