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Playing with geomorphs, part 1

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I've been messing around a bit with drawing maps lately. While the last post focused on something I made for my campaign, I also decided to play around with the idea of geomorphs. At some point I'd like to play a serious session which makes use of them so I might as well start tinkering. Here's sample #1. Some notes on it: the scale is 2 squares = 5' and I wasn't aiming for any specific size as much as wanting it to be square. Things I'd do differently / don't like about this: On a scale of 2 sq = 5', it's surprisingly easy to set yourself up for exterior walls which are N + 2.5' long. Like what happened here. I made this 20x20 squares large... which means each wall from the corner to the opening is (20-2) / 2 squares long... or 9 squares... or 22.5 feet long. That's just awkward. Next time I'll plan how wide I want the sides to be between the openings and plan accordingly. I tried for a t

Recent Mapping

My D&D campaign has restarted after a several month hiatus which of course means new maps! I haven't posted my previous maps, I'll try to get around to that. For now, check out the new ones! In drawing them I wanted to support the story hook given to the players, that a researcher who has gone missing had been investigating what happened on this island (there were a couple thousand years between map renderings). I started with the coastal outline of the shattered island and lightly traced a few of the notable points to get the unified island started. Next I filled in the notable features of the unified island, then translated them to the shattered island. I'm really happy with the results -- much of style from both maps are drawn from  +Michael Wenman 's excellent map tutorials . So I present the ruined island of Belthor, or, the Isle of Balance & Isle of Ruin as some players at my table have dubbed them. I rather like Balance/Ruin more than Belthor. =) B