Getting go set up locally - mac

So I've been messing around with go and installing some libraries. The go documentation is a good start but if you want to be productive with libraries, there's a few additional steps. Everything here assumes you're on a mac.

Step 1: Install Go and set up your workspace. However you do need to create a GOROOT directory.
mkdir -p goroot/bin
mkdir -p goroot/pkg
mkdir -p goroot/src
Step 2: Set GOROOT both for the command line and for launched applications.
export GOPATH=/Users/alek/projects/goprojects
launchctl setenv GOPATH $GOPATH
Step 3: Install source control (and python) -- this will be required for go get <library>
bzr: and fix bazaar
Step 4: Install an IDE (optional!)

I've found and really like Atom. See and install go-plus afterwards.


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