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Zombicide Prison Outbreak campaign

Last year at GenCon we bought Zombicide (which we'd later learn is referred to as Season 1). It was well regarded online, and we'd played a reasonable amount of Zpocalypse and Run, Fight, or Die! but were looking for something different in a zombie game. So, Zombicide. We played enough missions between us that we decided we wanted to try making a campaign of it. Also, after a few missions in Season 1, we wanted more variety. So we picked up Season 2 - Prison Outbreak  + Ultimate Survivors #1  to go with the base game. Since then we've been playing through the Season 2 missions as a campaign. That's working really well - tons of fun. The ultimate survivors make things easier, especially with accumulating experience, but the missions are still hard. Also, the mission difficulties are really arbitrary. Easy / Medium / Hard? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think it's easier to estimate difficulty based on number of spawn points. Campaign Setup We've been using the set up for e

Planetfall by Emma Newman

I read this book based largely on the Emma Newman's entry on The Big Idea . I'm conflicted on how I feel about it. I either hate or love it depending on how I interpret the ending.  What she set out to do, write a character based science fiction story centered around the main character's (Ren's) mental illness, she did beautifully. For that, this book gets top marks. I felt empathy for Ren when I realized what illness she had, rage at the reactions of those around her, and awe at the details of the big reveal and how I had misinterpreted the hints leading up to it. If the book had ended in the middle of the crisis on a cliffhanger or had resolved differently (everything is terrible, done), I'd be championing this book to everyone who would listen to me. - Spoilers below - ... - You were warned - Unfortunately, the ending completely ruined the book for me on my first pass. If it wasn't my kindle, I'd have thrown the book after finishing it. The shift