Zombicide Prison Outbreak campaign

Last year at GenCon we bought Zombicide (which we'd later learn is referred to as Season 1). It was well regarded online, and we'd played a reasonable amount of Zpocalypse and Run, Fight, or Die! but were looking for something different in a zombie game. So, Zombicide.

We played enough missions between us that we decided we wanted to try making a campaign of it. Also, after a few missions in Season 1, we wanted more variety. So we picked up Season 2 - Prison Outbreak + Ultimate Survivors #1 to go with the base game. Since then we've been playing through the Season 2 missions as a campaign. That's working really well - tons of fun. The ultimate survivors make things easier, especially with accumulating experience, but the missions are still hard. Also, the mission difficulties are really arbitrary. Easy / Medium / Hard? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think it's easier to estimate difficulty based on number of spawn points.

Campaign Setup

We've been using the set up for experience mode in Ultimate Survivors (rules). The key points are that characters gain an experience card the first time they enter a new danger level in the campaign, and while experience, wounds & equipment reset between games, zombvivor status and experience cards are maintained across missions.

For zombies and equipment, we've simply combined the zombie decks and the equipment decks. I suspect that makes things a little easier too, as we don't spawn quite as many berserker zombies (and thus don't run out of them which would trigger extra activations). Berserkers are a nice switch from the standard zombies but skewing towards too many of them would be... unpleasant. Though Season 2 does bring some really nice weapons like the Chainsaw and better default weapons (nightsticks >> frying pans).

In later posts, I'll review specific missions as we go through them. So far we've done M00, 01 and 02 of Season 2 in campaign mode. M02 has definitely been the most difficult, even though it's rated as medium and M01 is rated hard. It took us four tries to finish M02. Still, tons of fun!


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